Handy Man

Handy Man Services Across the North East

For those jobs that don't require the professional tradesman expertise or call out fee of a plumber, electrician or gas engineer? If you need a shed putting up in your garden? Need the gardening doing? Have some dodgy tiles or bath sealant coming away? Got some painting and decorating that's too big for and too time-consuming to do yourself? Need some shelves putting up at home or at work? Do you need desks assembled or is flat-pack household furniture jeopardising the integrity of a relationship or ones patience??  Then NRC handyman services is perfect for your needs.  Charged at a flat hourly rate for labour with the option of our expert Civil Engineer degree qualified specialist to provide the service you need. 

If you need advice on how to manage and maintain your property, designs on home improvements/modifications, extension work, agencies to contact for specific works, any manner of homely advice is available from our dedicated expert team.